Hardcore 808 Nutrition Co. Owner
Fitness Trainer
Magnum Top 5 Sales (2 years)
Mrs. Central Oahu 2013

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Height : 5’1″
Weight : 123lbs

Competition Class Bikini

Have you been published in any magazines? If so, which?
Status Fitness Magazine
Pacific Wedding Magazine

Tell us about yourself.

I come from a big family! I’m the youngest of 10 children (6 sisters, 3 brothers). My parents were always working hard providing for us, so having the support from my siblings growing up was important.

I enjoy connecting with people from different walks of life. If there’s anything I can do to make a little difference in their lives, that’s winning for me.

I enjoy listening to motivational speakers, reading, working out, cooking. I love being outdoors, hiking, going for a jog, walks, and I make sure I spend a lot of time with family & friends. I love adventures and make sure I travel every year!

Tell us your fitness story.

When I was younger, I took Jazz and Ballet. I was on the dance team in High School and received a scholarship in HPU to be on the dance team. I got pregnant, so I couldn’t fulfill that scholarship. After having my daughter, I immediately fell ill and was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. I received radiation treatment that escalated me to Hypothyroidism. From having serious muscle wasting and heart problems which could have led to heart failure, I immediately became overweight. That was the beginning of my fitness journey. At 22yrs+ today, I still suffer from this illness and have been through rough rollercoasters. I had another daughter 6.5yrs ago and I gained so much weight that I was again, determined to get my health and body back. Running a health/supplement store – Hardcore 808 Nutrition Co. – with my husband and living this healthy lifestyle, I am blessed to share my own experiences and passion with others. Competing in the NPC bikini division for several years was an outlet for me to feel good about what I’ve accomplished for myself. It’s been over 3yrs since I’ve stepped on stage and perhaps one day I may compete again. For now, my priorities are to stay focused on my health and well-being while helping others achieve their own goals. Now that I’ve been with the Magnum family since 2015, all parts of my life have prospered.

What are your favourite exercises and areas to work out?

I love incorporating all types of training and enjoy challenging myself with anything new that comes up!

I love HIIT the most since I love that crazy high energy feeling I get from it. As crazy as it may be for some, I enjoy jumping around doing plyos. Besides being in the gym, I do enjoy outdoor workouts and even home workouts when it’s necessary.

Why do you choose Magnum?

I choose Magnum because they genuinely stay true to their integrity in providing people with the best quality of ingredients in creating these amazing products. It’s what drew me to Magnum. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, excel in your fitness goals or just live a healthy lifestyle, they have something for you! I love that! I also love that you can easily reach out to the people behind Magnum with any questions you may have. The support & guidance is there.

Favourite Magnum supplements and why?

My favourite Magnum Supplements are:

They’re all my favourite, but if I had to narrow it down, my go-to everyday supplements are:

MAGNUM G most don’t know that not only does it help in your recovery but it’s also amazing for gut health!

HI5 all the flavors are amazing but my top one would be Strawberry with a black cherry kicker.Knowing that it’s organic and fermented from beets & corn (NOT human hair and/or bird feathers) I’m sold!Having it daily in ice cold water is so refreshing, recovery time is greatly reduced, and hydration is optimal.

DNA the strength & endurance it provides me to push harder & longer is out of this world!

What are your goals for the future?

My goals are to continue building relationships with people, so they can learn more about Hardcore 808 Nutrition Co., continue helping others with their health & fitness goals, help people find their dream home on the island, travel to at least one different destination off the island every year, continue representing Magnum because I believe and support their purpose.

What advice can you give to anyone that wants to take control of their health?

First, find your WHY. You need to believe in yourself and know that it is possible to be at a healthy state of mind and body. You need to put in your heart and soul into doing what needs to be done knowing that the change necessary in achieving your goals will be worth it! Even when tough times arise, think about your WHY, stay strong and committed to your goals. I promise, it will come! People will be there to guide you, but you are the only one who will need to dig deep and make it happen! There’s no better time than NOW to make healthy choices to live a fruitful life filled with good energy and youthfulness!Take care of YOU first, it’s not being selfish! How are you supposed to take care of others if you aren’t in a healthy state of mind & body?

Instagram Handle: @suzanne.lanting

Facebook: @ Suzanne.AdonisLanting

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