It’s Never to Late to Start Living: Summer Edition

On average there are about 90-95 days in the Summer season, most of which are hot and clear skies. However, it’s easy to wait for the weekend or for that time off to really enjoy it, but before you know it you’ve actually wasted half of those 90 days. Don’t let those sunny days go to waste; you can easily turn this around and get prepared today! Here are some ideas you can do to make the most of your Summer days.

Many of us don’t realize this, but we are so inclined to do our day to day tasks without even realizing we are programmed. Try doing something out of the normal each day and you’ll make more of these hot days. Get up earlier and go for a hike with a friend or even an early morning swim or outdoor boot camp, just work to change it up. You can even do something after work, you have 24 hours so you don’t need a day off to do one different activity.

It’s so important to be able to spend some time by yourself and do one thing that you would love to do. Whether this is reading the book you’ve been trying to finish, have a spa day (you can do this at home to, if you are on a budget) or start a DIY project. The idea of this is to allow yourself to realize you are important and it isn’t selfish to allocate some time to focus on you and make yourself a priority. We help others all day long and that’s awesome but it can take away from things you want to conquer as well. Don’t do something that you normally do by yourself like the gym, but something unique and on your own. Take this time to reflect on you, your dreams, and goals.

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed the deep end of the pool was the no enter zone? Then when you finally jumped in you realized it was awesome! Let go of the fear and do something this summer that scares the heck out of you. This can be anything from public speaking to bungee jumping. The point of this is, when you let go of the fear, you realize you can achieve so much more and each time you are presented with tough times in life you know you will have the power to get through them.

This may not be new for some as we’ve all seen 30 day challenges before. This challenge involves week to week goals to accomplish. At the start of each week find something that you want to improve on. These can be anywhere from not spending 5$ on coffee everyday or giving yourself 10 compliments each day. Keep track throughout the week with a journal of your progress and by the end of the week compare each week’s journal. Each week you should be improving and completing each goal. If you aren’t completing them, you have to have some sort of consequence. What this does, is it shows you that even the smallest tasks or goals you set, have a deadline and to take it seriously. In the end, the little things do matter and do reflect on your self growth. Not moving forward to where you want to be? This will show you why.

Somewhere in those 90 days of sun, like in life there will be rainy days; use these to your advantage. We tend to hover inside and Netflix all day when it rains. Use these times to clean the house, volunteer at an event or have an organization day. It will rain, so be prepared and don’t waste it.
These are some tips you can do to make the most of your summer. Be prepared, have fun and enjoy the rainy days as well. Also, remember that your best day can be every day, it doesn’t have to be limited to one season.
Have an amazing summer everyone!

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