We search the globe for the highest caliber athletes to represent Team Magnum. These athletes dedicate their lives to health and fitness and are driven to help others do the same. They trust and believe in our products to yield the results they depend on. Magnum athletes also reflect Magnum’s core values of integrity, quality and positivity. Team Magnum includes over 200 athletes across Canada and the US… and our team continues to grow.

There are a select few amongst Team Magnum who we’ve recognized in a separate category of their own: Magnum Pro Athletes.

A Magnum Pro Athlete goes above and beyond to represent Magnum in the following ways:

1. A Magnum Pro lives the Magnum lifestyle every day.

What exactly does that mean? Anyone can show their hard work and determination towards their best physique for a few months. It takes a strong mindset and true commitment to dedicate yourself to healthy eating, fitness, supplementation and positivity year-round. A Magnum Pro takes Magnum supplements every day. They understand the difference a high-quality Pharmaceutical Grade supplement makes and wouldn’t take anything else. A Magnum Pro leads by example by demonstrating positivity and integrity in everything they do. This is the Magnum lifestyle.

2. A Magnum Pro brings their best physique to every event in which they attend.

Magnum brings their ‘A’ Game to every trade show and event. We love the opportunity to interact with our consumers and we come to every event ready to present our very best. A Magnum Pro follows suit, understanding that only the best are chosen to represent Magnum.

3. A Magnum Pro is exactly that: A Professional Athlete.

It takes an incredible amount of work to make your mark in the fitness industry. A Magnum Pro has proven themselves through a variety of professional accomplishments. They document their successes with professional photoshoots and may even have those successes published online or in print. Not only have they proven themselves professionally, but they conduct themselves professionally… always. They recognize that their actions are a direct reflection of Magnum.

4. A Magnum Pro contributes to the business growth of Magnum.

Magnum continues to grow and expand worldwide. A great deal of this success is due to key partners believing in the Magnum brand and product line. A Magnum Pro contributes to this growth by getting Magnum products in the hands of consumers through their own businesses or online channels. They trust Magnum products to deliver the desired results sought by their customers and clientele.