Growing up in house with three boys, Stephanie Lawson spent numerous nights either playing or watching baseball, soccer or rugby. It was after high school that she found her love for the gym. Signing up for personal training in White Rock, BC led to her to try different avenues of training over the next 15 years; bodybuilding, Crossfit and powerlifting. In the early days of Crossfit she would train late nights with a group. “I loved training hard with the boys, it gave me confidence and I felt like part of a team.”

Working in the mining industry for 10 years in different roles; accounting, warehousing and operations, Stephanie was constantly adapting to change and battling through some tough economic times. Eager for a change in her career path, she started to look for opportunities within an industry that she admired: the fitness industry. It was January 2015 when she took on a new role at Magnum Nutraceuticals Inc. Little did she know, it would be a “New Year, new you!”. Starting out on the floor of the warehouse picking orders, Stephanie wanted to learn everything about this high-energy, fast-paced company. She saw opportunity within the company to grow so she set a goal; to become head of Operations within 5 years. Through the mentorship of Markus and Bert, Stephanie was named Director of Operations in 2017. “I saw an opportunity to learn from two of the industries’ best. These guys are as real as it gets, and I wanted to help lead a company that was built on integrity and quality”.

Outside of working for Magnum, Stephanie enjoys time with her family in beautiful South Surrey, BC. Her son Cail was diagnosed with Autism in 2016; she spends her free time helping develop and implement his home therapy program with the team that she and her husband, Jonathan built. She is also an advocate in her community for other ASD parents, attending support meetings and fundraisers. “I am so lucky to work for a company that understands that family comes first. I am able to attend anything and everything for my son, no questions asked. I couldn’t ask for a better company to offer that work/life balance we all wish for. Cail is always welcome at Magnum HQ, and knows exactly where Markus’ office is!”

The future is bright for Stephanie at Magnum Nutraceuticals. She is continuing her education at BCIT, working towards a CPIM designation. She is always looking for ways to continue learning; courses or seminars, she is up for almost anything! With the open door policy at Magnum HQ, you’ll often find her chatting with Markus or Bert – picking their brains for any extra information she can get. “The management team at Magnum tries to instill in their staff – “If you don’t understand or you don’t agree, just ask ‘Why’? We think that communication is so important in any industry, but especially ours. There are so many companies cutting corners and producing subpar products. We want our staff to know exactly what goes into our supplements, why we are launching a new product and how we feel Magnum products will change the world.”

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