Health and exercise has played a huge role in my life; since my earliest memories. It was a method for me to express myself, learn more about myself, and develop into the person I am today.

Growing up and being surrounded by a rough environment from an early age, sports naturally became my second home. I truly believe fitness has helped keep me on the right track, while at an impressionable age. It taught me discipline, how to be humble, as well as keeping me motivated to be the best version of myself.

My earliest memories consist of me playing ball hockey, baseball, and basketball with my older brothers. Those sports quickly became hobbies of mine, until I got old enough to play on teams & develop the skills needed to play at a higher level. I started working out at an early age to perform better with sports, and as the years went by I started taking it more seriously and it naturally progressed into weight training. I gained a respect and crave for pushing myself to a point where I started bodybuilding.

Naturally with all the sports and activities in my teenage years / early 20’s, sport supplementation went hand in hand. I grew a loyalty to Magnum Nutraceuticals well before I started working for Magnum and I used Magnum as my brand of choice for bodybuilding, recovery, health, and to perform at my highest potential.

I worked as a full time personal trainer for over 5 years, and then transitioned to a position with Magnum. I got the opportunity to challenge myself with a new career, helping Magnum develop & grow across the world. I now work for a company I am passionate about, that hold the same values I hold myself to daily.
; Integrity, hard work, and being dedicated to bringing the best out of people.

Outside of work and sports, I value time with my friends and family.

My favourite Magnum supplements would be Opus, Hard Muscle Builder, and Mane Brain

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