“I’ve been into bodybuilding, training, sports and supplements since high school, and can remember my dad asking me if I could make a living at ‘the fitness’. I wasn’t sure, but I guess I was bound and determined to try, because if you can make a living doing what you love doing, then you are indeed a lucky person.”

Bert began working at gyms back in the early 90’s before moving onto retail positions at health food stores. While holding down a store manager position, he struck up a friendship with one of the reps from a sports supplement company. That rep ended up opening PVL Nutrients and he joined him as his first rep back in 1996. From there he went on to hold various titles with PVL/Fit Foods such as Eastern Canadian Sales Manager, National Sales Manager and eventually Director of Sales. He left and joined an industry giant in Research and Development, MuscleTech, and became their National Sales Manager. He would later become National Sales Manager for Empire Health Distribution.

After a failed stint as a partner in a young start-up (Extreme Physical Performance), he joined Magnum Nutraceuticals in 2009 as Vice President alongside Markus. “Markus had already started the company a few years earlier, and I had always been a fan of both the brand, and the high quality formulations. Going to work every day at Magnum is a true pleasure, as partnering with retailers and distributors, working on future formulations and mentoring and coaching new employees is what I love to do. Being able to be truly proud of the products you sell is a rare feat, and I am pleased to have that opportunity.”

Bert chooses to live by a quote that he once read; “We tend to seek happiness, when happiness is actually a choice.” Living in the moment and not waiting for things to be different, or “better” is the key to true happiness.

“My athletic background is that of any good Canadian kid. I grew up playing hockey, soccer, rugby, boxing and judo but focused on hockey as I got older. I started working out in high school to put on size for college hockey and eventually, working out became my number one passion. MANY years later I still make it a priority to train heavy and hard, four to five times a week and keep my body fat low enough to keep an X frame physique. My priorities have shifted since I began training. Now as a father of four children, and married to an amazing, athletic woman, it’s very important for me to lead by example at my house, training, eating clean, and encouraging all of us to move around every day.”

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