Alyssa joined the Magnum team with years of Marketing experience as well as supplement industry experience. She began her career at an early age immediately after completing the Marketing Communications program at BCIT. For the next 8 years she would have her hand in every aspect of the Marketing teams she would be a part of. She has a “learn by doing” mentality and is always looking to learn new things and develop her skill-set.

Alyssa grew up with an active family. She and her brother and sister kept the whole family busy every day. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been into sports; whether it was baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, ice-skating, gymnastics… I wanted to try everything. Sports were something that came naturally to me. I’m very competitive so I loved that aspect but I also loved the team atmosphere.”

Although she still plays several sports, her latest physical outlet has been the gym. “I got more than enough exercise in my teen years and early 20’s playing competitive soccer and volleyball, so I was never really interested in the gym. That was until my sister, Marlo, joined the Magnum team. She introduced me to Magnum supplements, and I finally understood how people became gym rats. I went from dreading the gym and feeling like it made no difference, to wanting to stay at the gym longer and seeing the results”. Her favourite Magnum products include Hi-5, Opus, PRE-FO, Primer, Volume and DNA.

When she heard that Magnum was looking for a Marketing Manager, she jumped at the opportunity. She had a new-found interest that peaked her curiosity and had her envisioning a new career path. “I was drawn to Magnum initially because of the company branding. I loved how they had fun with their ads and weren’t afraid to push the envelope and be a bit cheeky.” As a Marketer, she could see the opportunity to be creative and have fun with a brand.

The more she learned about the Magnum team, the more she was determined to be a part of it. “As I peeled back the layers of the company, I learned that it truly is a family that practices what they preach. Everything is done with integrity and the team is full of positive, supportive and dedicated people. What’s best is that they sincerely care about the health and happiness of their consumers. It’s easy to market products that you like, but it’s even easier to market products that you stand-by and believe in.”

Alyssa has great aspirations for Magnum. She’s determined to help them reach their goal and make the world a healthier and happier place.

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