Radical Body Transformation Challenge: Month Two & Three

by Magnum Nutraceuticals on August 31, 2021

The Radical Body Summer Transformation Challenge is in its final few weeks. This is an exciting time during the competition because all the hard work invested over the 12 weeks is paying off and goals are being achieved.

Magnum recently checked in with RBT Trainers, Mark Lussier and Jennifer Lopez, for an update about their clients’ progress. 


Month Two & Three

Jennifer and Mark’s clients have lost over a combined 120lbs! They have learned how to shape their physiques, gain muscle, and fuel their bodies. They have used this challenge and the challenge community to help themselves achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

Both Jennifer and Mark have clients who have completely fallen in love with fitness. They are now working towards getting their bodies ready to compete in shows.

The challengers continue to impress the coaches with their dedication and grit. Jennifer’s client, Annalise is a nurse, who’s role became incredibly stressful during this past year. Yet she still finds time to be able to commit to the Transformation Challenge. Annalise works out during her breaks at the hospital to ensure she is staying on track.

This challenge has brought to light the connection between mental and physical health. One challenge participant is battling severe depression. His daily check-ins with this coach and team were integral to his transformation. Even on days where he did not want to leave his bed, he knew he had to so he wouldn’t disappoint his team and fall behind on his goals.

The common denominator between Mark and Jennifer’s clients is the impact that fitness has on one’s life. They all started with different goals and challenges but have all found a new confidence and improvement to their health. They have all come so far from where they started. They have impressed not only their coaches, but the whole RBT community. 


Client Progress: 

JJ Gray's Transformation 


Erica's Body Recomposition 


Vivian's Weightloss

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