Marie-Eve's Lifestyle Transformation

by Magnum Nutraceuticals on May 26, 2021

Fitness Fusion Transformation Challenge By Samantha Anderson featuring Magnum Nutraceuticals

Marie-Eve participated in the last round of Samantha Anderson’s Fitness Fusion Transformation Challenge and her transformation is nothing short of inspiring! Marie-Eve was in full mommy-mode with her two toddlers. She stopped prioritizing herself and her fitness. This left her looking for a challenge to kick-start her self love journey, and this 8-week bootcamp was the perfect fit! 

Since this challenge was done virtually, it integrated seamlessly into Marie-Eve’s busy lifestyle. She started waking up at 5:00am every morning to workout. At first it was difficult, but with consistency she started to enjoy her early morning workouts. She started each day with a boost of energy and the vigor to overcome any challenge. Reflecting on this major change, Marie-Eve is proud that she made this commitment to herself. Samantha and the Fitness Fusion community made this fitness journey much easier. She was able to connect with other busy mums to help motivate and encourage each other to be their best. Marie-Eve was able to share her story and listen to countless others. What is more inspiring than that? 

Marie-Eve could not believe the transformation she underwent - and the fact that she did it all from home! All it took were dumbbells, a couple exercise bands, and a lot of dedication. When she became a mother, Marie-Eve fell into a rhythm that many young moms do. She went head first into parenthood and lost touch with the person she was before the pregnancy. Marie-Eve was an active person who enjoyed fitness. So, when she started to get her body moving again the feeling of an incredible and sweaty workout was infectious. It helped her feel excited to wake up for her early morning workouts. It was a slice of “me time” during her busy day. Marie-Eve started to use Carne Diem and After Burner, two fat-burnings from Magnum, to keep her body in weight-loss mode. 

Fitness Fusion Transformation Challenge By Samantha Anderson featuring Magnum Nutraceuticals

With this transformation, Marie-Eve gained much more than the weight she lost. She gained confidence, a supportive community, and a new-found balance between womanhood and motherhood. She loved who she saw in the mirror, but more importantly she loved how she felt. She had energy and felt more beautiful than ever. Marie-Eve transformed into her best self. As she put it, “I had that sparkle back in my eyes.” 

Marie-Eve’s advice to start a fitness journey is to make the commitment and take the plunge. Starting is always the hardest part, so finding a great trainer or a supportive community to help you gain the motivation to begin. 

Marie-Eve is the perfect example of the everlasting benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She is taking her new-found confidence and strength from her fitness journey into her life as a busy young mother. She is not only an inspiration to us at Magnum, but also to other moms. 

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Fitness Fusion Transformation Challenge By Samantha Anderson featuring Magnum Nutraceuticals