Free Trial - GFit Wellness Portal

by Magnum Nutraceuticals on June 14, 2021

Magnum Nutraceuticals’ partners at GFit Wellness are extending a 30-day free trial of their Wellness Portal to Magnum clients. Register here for your free trial today.


In their mission to become the #1 Wellness Coaching company in Canada, GFit Wellness offers a holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Their diverse and extensive team of professionals strive to teach enduring, healthy habits to deliver lifelong transformations. The brand recently launched its Wellness Portal and is offering a 30-day free trial to all Magnum Nutraceuticals’ clients.

The GFit Wellness Portal is a one-stop wellness solution filled with exercise videos, nutrition content, mental health resources, and more. With new content and videos being added every week, the portal hosts everything you need for your own personalized fitness, health, and wellness goals. 

The portal contains over 500 on-demand exercise videos, divided into categories including circuit, strength, mobility, and more. There is also a full suite of exercise tutorials and you can filter through all the videos based on your personal fitness level to find the workout that’s right for you. 

The nutrition section of the portal hosts hundreds of recipes designed by registered dietitians. With simple navigation and defined filters, you can find meal or snack ideas based on your specific diet and personal preferences. 

Designed to help you improve your mental health and happiness, there are numerous beneficial resources available under the mental health programs section of the portal. These include meditation programs, podcasts, books, and more. You can filter through over 30 categories of content and find pieces related to topics specific to you. 

Finally, the GFit Wellness Portal includes a full Digital Clinic, customized with different health solutions. From here, you can schedule one-on-one sessions with registered physicians, dietitians, psychologists, and other certified professionals. 

With a full library of resources at your disposal, the GFit Wellness Portal is an innovative, one-stop wellness solution designed to make physical and mental support more available and accessible from any device.
If you are looking to start your own personal health and wellness journey, sign up and start your free trial today.