Ashley’s Year-Long Fitness Journey

by Magnum Nutraceuticals on January 21, 2022

January 2022 marks the 1-year anniversary of when Ashley committed to change her life and join Samantha Anderson’s program. She went from doubting herself and her ability to start a fitness journey to being the latest winner of the Fitness Fusion Challenge. The Fitness Fusion Challenge is an 8-week transformation challenge hosted by Magnum Trainer Samantha Anderson to help women kick-start a healthier lifestyle. 

Not only did Ashley lose 20 lbs, but she also gained a new love for herself. She has confidence and takes pride in her new healthy lifestyle. Ashley built a daily routine that involves morning workouts, healthy eating, and participating in the community of fellow Fitness Fusion participants. This community is what kept her motivated and inspired throughout her year-long journey. This made the biggest difference in Ashley’s transformation because of the support she felt and how the participants held her accountable to her goals. Although she has never met anyone in person, she has built amazing friendships. 

Magnum's Samantha Anderson Client Transformation

The biggest hurdle Ashley had to overcome was food. She enjoyed working out and loved the way she felt after training in the morning, but staying on track with her meals took willpower and dedication. She has to change many of her habits around food and eating to better suit her goals. Now that Ashley has persisted, she feels incredibly proud of herself and how far she’s come. 

Ashley reflected, “I started feeling more confident and more accomplished that my hard work, early mornings, and extra cardio is paying off!” 

To help keep her healthy eating habits, Ashley turned to Magnum Quattro as a reliable and delicious protein source. Vanilla Soft Serve is her favourite flavour, and it never upset her stomach, unlike other proteins she has tried in the past. Pre Fo was Ashley’s go-to for a boost of energy and focus during her workouts without making her feel jittery. When she was looking for a good sweat for the Kangaroo Power Class Samantha taught, Ashley would take a scoop of Fasted Cardio. 

Magnum's Samantha Anderson Client transformation

Ashley’s best advice for someone who is ready to embark on their fitness journey is to stop waiting for tomorrow to start. The key to her success was to set realistic expectations. She knew that one workout wasn’t going to make her lose 10 lbs, but it would make her feel incredible. She chased that incredible feeling until she started to see results. One year later, her body has changed, her mindset has improved, and her goals have gotten bigger. 

Her most memorable moments during her transformation were connecting with the Fitness Fusion community, working with Samantha, and reflecting on her progress!

Magnum Nutraceuticals' Trainer Samantha Anderson Fitness Fusion Challenge

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